RENU (Renu Hossain) is a queer British-Bengali, Berlin and London based artist. She is a composer, producer, tabla-player, percussionist and curator. Originally a percussionist for – Grace Jones, State of Bengal, Fun_da_mental, MIKA, Alabama 3 and Tunde Jegede. Learning from percussion Masters in India, Brazil and Cuba, composing for theatre, film & dance, hosting her own nights in London & Berlin, 1 EP and 3 albums later, she has now landed in an electronic realm. They Dance in the Dark was released 30th of SEP 2017 to critical acclaim.  Her album has been lionised by The Quietus, Art Forum Magazine (Top 10 album of the year), BBC Radio 6 & BBC Late Junction.For 20 years  RENU has been studying percussion with Masters from India, Cuba, Spain & Brasil. RENU is a tabla disciple of Sri Chiranjit Mukherjee (senior disciple of Kumar Bose) following the classic way of learning – ‘Guru shisha parampara’ which translates to ‘Master student journey’.She completed and curated a 3 day sold out music festival at Studio Я at Gorki Theatre, Berlin in 2019.

Renu currently has a number of commissions and film music projects in the pipe-line which will/have been released in 2020/21. Including a major commission from Haus Kulturen de Welt, Berlin and composing the music for an animation on domestic violence. Producing for WIZZY, a queer Syrian asylum seeker who is about to musically erupt the middle eastern queer scene.2022 – Brings in a new full length album.