Pensive, cinematic and orphic, ‘The Happening’ are mini sound tracks of peoples lives.

Introspection & self reflection in these uncertain times. 
‘The Happening’  was initially written for Rachel Burn Dance & performed at the Place Theatre in 2015.
This music had been on my hard drive (but not forgotten) for the last 5 years. It was finally mastered  in London, November 2019.
All tracks were created, produced and performed by RENU.
Dear Pariah also features on this sound track collection (Stefan & Aida). Dear Pariah lent her voice to my earlier albums  – ‘Threshold’ & ‘They dance in the dark’

Interviews were taken by Rachel Burn from Individuals from many walks of life and RENU created soundtracks to their stories. They were asked ‘How is your life today different from what you had thought it might be?’, focusing on a moment when their perspective shifted and they found themselves viewing the world in a new way. Happening is a hands-on and face-to-face piece about and for real people, celebrating the quiet yet significant moments of self-reflection that affect each of our lives, and keeps us growing, changing as individuals.



An adventure into Drum & Bass:

Last week I was asked by Kapil Seshasayee to remix his latest single “The Gharial”.

“The Gharial” is a scathing critique of Bollywood profiteering off of nationalism at a time of great political unrest in India through the release of anachronistic period films.


Imagine a party, where Gary Numan is married to The Orb, who is slow dancing with Massive Attack, while Oum Kalthoum is French kissing Prince and finally, Daphne Oram is mixing the drinks. Produced over two years in the Holykuti Studios with singers & performers from Ireland, Iraq, Pakistan, UK & Lebanon. They Dance in the Dark largely references 80’s & 90’s electronic dance music. The height of hooky, dark electronic anthems with underlying post-colonial queer narratives. Realising her true introversion RENU worked through the philosophy of playing Tablas in mind: creating big & infinite sounds with a minimum set up. 

Review by The Quietus UK

What sets this record apart is the deftness of touch and the musical sensibility that permeates it. They Dance In The Dark is not like other dance records, and its delicacy and finesse make it an enchanting and unusual listen.(…) (Renu) Hossain presides over each release more like a director or curator, leading from the back. The vocalists and collaborators on this album are like passengers traversing her singular world in the early hours. Read more ->


The THEY DANCE IN THE DARK visuals are filmed, edited & mixed live by Dada award winner Yue Wang and conceived/directed by RENU and Salma Arzouni, those very visuals create a world, a cocoon, a womb ready to envelope the audience into the world of They Dance in the Dark


An electronic queer dance odyssey with live percussion and live electronics. A plasmic electrical journey which undulates and ebbs its way through a cosmos of mixed media. The body performances by supernatural-queer characters fall into a perfect composition of cultivated weirdness. The live visuals have been specially prepared for the show for over 2 years. Timeless but unquestionably current.